About Us

Making cheese, milking cows, and operating a great little cheese shop takes a small crew of talented people to make it all work. Here is a little about those people that make all the magic happen. 


 Andy Perkins, Owner / Sales & Distribution
Andy's nickname is Handy Andy because if it breaks on the farm or in the creamery, he can usually fix it. He milks cows, fixes things, does a lot of maintenance around the farm and as if that wasn't enough, he's also in charge of wholesale sales and distribution and will usually be the one who delivers to restaurants and retailers.  Someday, he would like to revive his Frisbee Golf Career but until then he just works all the time.

Contact: andy@ashevillecheese.com

Jen Perkins

Jennifer Perkins, Owner / Cheesemaker
Jen splits her time between milking cows, admin/accounting work and making cheese. Back before she was a dairy farmer, she liked foraging for mushrooms and solitary rides through the woods on her trusty horse named Willy.  

Contact: jen@ashevillecheese.com

Sean Stanley

Sean Stanley, Retail Manager
Sean is a passionate cheese advocate and a true turophile. He is a Certified Cheese Professional (it's a cheese thing like a sommelier is to wine or cicerone is to beer) and brings his passion for the process and the product to every customer who walks through the door of our cheese shop. He manages our retail shop and event space in Fairview. When he isn't chatting about cheese you can find him backcountry camping or enjoying good beer in Beer City USA.

Contact: Sean Stanley

Alan Harmon  Alan Harmon, Farm Crew 
One of the original owners of the farm, Alan decided to transition to working with Looking Glass Creamery after the farm was sold. He is our official cow whisperer and works 20-30 hours a week still doing what he loves. Milking cows, breeding cows, delivering babies, and helping keep everyone well fed and healthy. When he's not working at the cow dairy he row crops, grows hay, breeds almost every cow in a 3 county region and likes to watch old westerns and Nascar.

 Eric Boatti, Farm Crew
A recent graduate of Warren Wilson College with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. Eric came with some experience in beef cattle but was new to Dairying. He has jumped in with both feet and is helping to transition the farm to seasonal milking and more intensive pasture management, He's helping bring the farm into the 21st century by building a database of animal, milk production, and breeding records. When Eric isn't milking cows, feeding calves, bushhogging or fixing fences he stays busy eating strawberries and singing show tunes. 
Contact: eric@ashevillecheese.com 


Beth Renne, Cheese Crew
Beth works in the creamery full-time. She helps with cheese production, packaging, and managing the cellar inventory of cheese. She waxes, washes, turns wheels and prepare's them to go out the door to retailers and restaurants. When she's not working she loves to go hiking and ferment anything she can get her hands on.  

Erin Carpin

Erin Carpin, Cheese Crew
Erin is an avid reader, baker, and now cheesemaker. She is a jack of all trades having been a scuba diving instructor, carpenter, and paralegal throughout her career. She spent 15 years as a production baker at a well known bakery in Greenville. When she isn't cheesemaking, she's busy gardening, watching youtube video's to solve any problem, and working on her log cabin. 

Ona Ona Courtright-Goheen, Retail Crew
Ona comes to us with lots of restaurant and culinary experience and puts those skills to work in our cheese shop. She makes a mean cheese plate and loves to interact with the guests who visit our cheeseshop in Fairview. She is highly organized and a hard worker. When she isn't building beautiful cheese boards, she loves hanging out with her teenagers and gardening.

Sydney S, Milker, Farm Crew
Sydney works hard four days a week milking cows, feeding calves and whatever else needs done around the milking parlor. She's got a positive attitude and easy going approach to bovine interactions. When she isn't working in the dairy she is busy hitting the books, baking and watching the Great British Baking Show. 

Doug with Andy

 Doug Harmon, Fix It When It Breaks Crew
While technically not an employee, Doug serves as our advisor on farm and pasture management, he does contract bush hogging on the steep slopes, and grows our forages. He is an invaluable resource to turn to whenever we run into problems which is pretty much all the time.