The Creamery

Jen & Andy PerkinsWe have been making artisan cheese since 2009. We built a big white barn next to our house just outside of Asheville and began handcrafting cheese from local milk. We slowly grew the business and added a cheese shop at the creamery in 2013. We sell alot of cheese directly to the great restaurants and retailers in the Asheville area. We also work with distributors to other area's of North Carolina and beyond. You can buy direct from us through our website and at our cheese shop.
We make a variety of cheese from fresh to aged. Our Fromage Blanc is a bright, whole milk cow cheese similar to cream cheese. A long time favorite is our Chocolate Lab, a washed rind with a little bit of funkiness to it. We make a cambozola style Blue, Cheddar (and fresh Cheddar Curds!), a raw-milk Alpine style called Bear Wallow, and our washed curd Ridgeline. We also make Carmoolita, a rich dulce-de-leche style caramel sauce. We have something for everyone who visits our cheese shop. 
We have been blessed with awards and recognition for our product line since we Cheddarstarted the company. Those include 3 Good Food Awards (one in the confection category for our caramel sauce and two cheese awards), American Cheese Society recognition, Best in the South awards, and numerous articles in local and national publications. We have worked with well-known retailers like Zingerman's and drop shipped for Williams-Sonoma catalog for many years as a featured collection from the South. 
We got to a point where we were turning away too many customers and decided we needed to build a bigger creamery that had proper aging caves with different environments instead of the 10x10 room where we currently age all our cheeses. Fast forward almost a decade from when we started to now. We have purchased a dairy farm and construction on our new creamery is well underway. It features scooping curd4 underground aging caves, a large processing area, a separate packaging room, and large viewing windows for visitors people to watch the cheesemaking process. They will also be able to peek into an aging cave from outside too.  
We are excited to be expanding capacity but we are also excited about what this improvement in our infrastructure will do to the quality of our cheese. This transition will also transform us into a farmstead cheese company meaning that all the milk used to make our cheese comes from the herd of our very own cows on our farm. Once production moves out of our current facility in Fairview down to the farm in Columbus,NC we will be expanding our retail offerings at out original location too. So fear not if you are a fan of the original location, lots of good things will be happening there too.

New Creamery roof trusses    Ceramery