Cheesemaking & Farming

Jen & Andy PerkinsWe have been making artisan cheese since 2009. Started by husband and wife team, Jen & Andy Perkins. We handcraft a variety of cheese from fresh to aged. Our Fromage Blanc is a bright, whole milk cow cheese similar to cream cheese. A long time favorite is our Chocolate Lab, a washed rind with a little bit of funkiness to it. We make a cambozola style Blue called Green River Blue, Cheddar (and fresh Cheddar Curds!), a raw-milk Alpine style called Bear Wallow, and our washed curd Ridgeline. We also make Carmoolita, a rich dulce-de-leche style caramel sauce.  
We have been blessed with awards and recognition for our product line since we started the company. Those include 3 Good Food Awards (one in the confection category for our caramel sauce and two cheese awards), American Cheese Society recognition, Best in the South awards, and numerous articles in local and national publications. WCheddare have worked with well-known retailers like Zingerman's and drop shipped for Williams-Sonoma catalog for many years as a featured collection from the South. 
In 2017 we took the huge leap of buying our milk supply, a dairy farm that had been in operation since 1947 and then we built a new creamery on the farm with proper aging cellars nestled underground. In 2018, we took over the milking operation and ownership of the cows. Cheese production started in our new creamery down on the farm in Columbus, NC in August of 2018. It's been a wild ride. Want to learn more about the past, present and future of the farm? Click here.   
We are expanding distribution in North Carolina and beyond. We work with Inland Seafood and Cheney Bros distribution if you would like to carry our cheese in your restaurant or grocery store. And if you are a fan, always ask for Looking Glass Cheese. That really helps spread the word!. And as always, we love it best if you come visit our original cheeseshop in Fairview and looking forward to having you down on the farm in the summer of 2019.