Upcoming Events

Education is a huge part of our mission here at LGC, and we love sharing the joy of great cheese with the WNC community!  See below for links to upcoming classes at our Cheese Shop in Fairview, as well as the festivals and other fun events you can find us at in the area!
Asheville Bread Festival - Saturday, April 13th 
We make everything good here in AVL - come taste & experience the best in baked goods along with everything needed for a complete handmade food experience!  Held at New Belgium Brewery in Asheville.
Cheese 101 - Thursday, April 25th at 6pm
In anticipation of the Carolina Mountain Cheese Festival, join our Certified Cheese Professional Sean Stanley in a journey through cheesemaking.  We will taste through the wide variety of cheeses made by LGC and discuss the ingredients, processes, and passion that goes into each one - the perfect way to prepare your brain for all the great cheese at the festival!  Held in our Cheese Shop loft in Fairview.
Carolina Mountain Cheese Festival - Sunday, April 28th at 12pm
An amazing display of some of the best cheeses made right here in Western North Carolina and around the country!  Held in the spacious Highland Brewing meadow, this is a site to behold and a treat for the senses.
Wine and Cheese with Overmountain Vineyards - Thursday, May 30th at 6pm
Get a chance to see the beautiful, verdant setting where our cows, pastures, and cheesemaking cellars take up residence.  We will be tasting your favorite LGC cheeses with one of our favorite Polk County neighbors, Overmountain Vineyards.  Come enjoy the bounty of the Carolina Foothills!
Beer v. Wine - Thursday June 20th at 6pm
The battle that has been raging in everyone's palate:  which pairs better with cheese, beer or wine?  We will taste through a selection of prime LGC cheeses, each paired with a wine and a beer, and allowing you to determine which one reigns supreme!  Held in our Cheese Shop loft in Fairview.