Handmade with Meredith Leigh, December 1st

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Cheese and Charcuterie go together for a reason. Join us on this exploration of fermented foods, namely cheese and meat with acclaimed writer Meredith Leigh.  Meredith is also a butcher, farmer and cook. She brings with her indepth knowledge of the process and a passion for curing meats made from sustainable, ethically raised animals. Meredith and our Certified Cheese Professional, Sean Stanley, will pair some amazing and unique cured meats with LGC cheeses. Find out what it means to live and love your work and learn about the process of making and aging cheese or meats at home on a very small scale.  Class is hosted at the LGC loft on December 1st starting at 6pm. It is available in several options, the basic class, the class plus her book Ethical Meat, the class plus her new book Pure Charcuterie, the Class Plus an LGC cutting board, or the total book package with the class and both books.